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Healthier Picks is founded on the premise of saying YES to a wholesome diet, including healthier snacks. As a mom of three, I understand the junk food frustration of many parents all too well. I typically have to take on the role of "Junk Food Police" as I am known to dump mounts of unhealthy snacks that the kids are gifted at parties. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do let the kids have a treat from time to time, but not at the quantity that they were being offered. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I made it a point to volunteer to pack the goodie bags at various events, just to ensure that those bags were filled with healthier selections of the kids' favorite picks. I am also known to offer up healthier refreshments to quench their parched palates, and wholesome foods to nibble on. These Healthier Picks are a balanced pick for the health-conscious consumer and a real treat that both kids and adults can say YES to!

Why Pick Us?

Healthier Picks is a health-conscious food and snacking service company with the goal of creating healthy, delicious, and fun treats for all occasions. Our team members work closely with you to ensure that your picks are perfect for your event and promote a balanced eating habit. In keeping with food sustainability goals, Healthier Picks partner with locally-owned farms to ensure that our fruits are picked fresh. We also purchase our healthy snacks locally, in order to leave minimum carbon footprints.

Our Mission

Our mission at Healthier Picks is to encourage healthier eating habits by providing delicious and fun food and snacking options for the health-conscious consumer.

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